Account Opening Form 开户表格

Personal Information个人资料

Certification 认证

By signing below, I/we hereby and attest to that fact that all information represented and given by me/us are true and correct. Any changes in the foregoing information shall be promptly communicated to the Bank. I/We hereby authorize the Bank to verify and investigate any and all information given by me/us, as the Bank may deem appropriate.


Please sign 3 times, in an identical manner. 請簽署三次,以同一樣的式樣簽署。




Please fill in the below form in English请用英文填写以下表格

Documents Required 所需文件

Documents request (all documents need to be notarised) 所需文件 (所有文件必须進行公证程序)

1. Valid personal identity card 有效身份证明文件

2. Valid passport or any travel documents有效护照或其他旅游证件

3. Residential address proof 住宅地址证明**

4. Permanent address proof (if different from residential address)永久地址证明 (如永久地址与住宅地址不同

5. Bank reference letter (if any)银行介绍信 (如有) Address proof住址證明

Address proof住址證明

The following list describes some examples of address proof. Please contact us should you need more information. 以下列出住址證明文件的例子,閣下如需進一步資料,可聯絡我們。 Your latest residential address proof document bearing your name: 附有閣下姓名之住址證明文件,例如:

1. Utility bill issued within last 3 months, or 最近三個月內發出之公共服務帳單,或

2. Statement or advice issued by other financial institutions, e.g. banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, MPF trustee companies within last 3 months, or 最近三個月內由其他財務機構如銀行、信用卡公司、保險公司及強積金信託公司發出之月結單或通知書,或

3. Telecommunication service statement (i.e. mobile phone, Internet service and pay television service) issued within last 3 months, or 最近三個月內發出之電訊服務月結單如流動電話/互聯網/收費電視服務,或

4. Written Relationship Declaration from an immediate family member together with one of the other forms of valid address proof in the name of the immediate family member (e.g. a bank statement) issued within last 3 months, or 直系親屬的書面關係聲明及該直系親屬的有效的地址證明(例如最近三個月內的銀行月結單),或

5. A letter from a Hong Kong employer together with proof of employment issued within last 3 months, or 最近三個月內由香港雇主發出的信,連同就業證明,或

6. A record of visit to the residential address by our bank officer within last 3 months, or 最近三個月內本行人員到住宅地址探訪的記錄,或

7. A government-issued photographic driving license / national identity card containing the current residential address within the document validity period (include the back side if the expiry date is printed on the back side of the document), or 由政府發出有效及有照片及住址的駕駛執照/國民身份證(如果有效期被印在背面,包括背面),或

8. A current domestic helper employment contract stamped by an appropriate Consulate within the employment period, and a copy of the visa endorsement 於聘用期內並由相關的領事館蓋章的家庭傭工僱傭合約,及簽證加蓋簽注的副本

9. An acknowledgement of receipt duly signed by you in response to a letter sent by us to the address provided by you由本行郵寄至閣下提供的住址之信函,並由閣下簽收之證明


1. Address proof with a "c/o company address", "c/o personal address", commercial address or PO box is not acceptable. Permanent address proof is also required if such address is different from your residential address.本行不接受以轉交公司地址、轉交個人地址、商業地址或郵政信箱作為地址證明。

2. We may request you to provide additional documents apart from documents listed above where necessary. 若閣下的永久地址與住址不相同,須同時提交永久地址證明文件。

3. We may request you to provide additional documents apart from documents listed above where necessary. 如有需要,除上述文件外,我們可能會要求閣下提供額外之證明文件。

4. The list of acceptable address proof is based on the prevailing regulatory requirement and may vary from time to time. The acceptability of the address proof is subject to the Bank’s final decision. 以上列出的住址證明文件是根據監管機構之要求, 並會不時作出更改。是否接受個別住址證明文件,以本行最终之决定為準。